Tim Gratton's Art

Tim Gratton creates his art in such a way that catches attention through vivid colour and shape, and presents it within public spaces, do you think this method of bringing art into unconventional spheres is effective in its attempt to draw attention to the concept? Have you had any similar experiences with the shock value of art displayed in the public domain?


—Spray the body with hairspray or some other safe for skin fixative prior to applying paint
—Shine effect can be achieved by spraying olive oil from a spray atomizer directly onto the second coat of paint on the body
—Careful placement of background, incorporating the body art


—Impermanence and the transience of time
—"Its not like a canvas or a piece of paper, there's no opportunity to leave it for an hour or a day or a week. The whole activity must take place in one session, usually over a period of a few hours so that the model does not pass out with exhaustion! The result is then photographed and disappears forever."
—The Australian Landscape

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