About Tim Gratton


Tim Gratton, his adult life began early when he left school in England and joined the Royal Navy. During his twelve years of service he travelled the world including visiting Australia, USA. Once he decided to leave this military life he moved to Holland where he studied fine art at the Gerrit Rietveld Acadamie, Amsterdam. During this time he also played semi professional soccer (English football).

During his time in Amsterdam, he was offered an opportunity to body paint to promote various businesses and that is when his career took an unexpected turn and lead him to become an internationally recognised artist known for his cutting-edge work in body painting developed over many years throughout Holland, England, Europe, USA and Australia.

Today Tim works with a variety of mediums including painting on canvas, paper, drawing and sculptures. Tim has trained artists around the world where he has shared his skills and knowledge.

Major companies engage him for projects that require him to create one of kind art installations for marketing/promotional and advertising campaigns. Tim enjoys collaborating with his clients to produce unique style of beautiful body art.

His own body art production produces one off body art photography that is then available as limited editions. Body art painting lead him to become a world leader in the art form as well as being awarded World Bodypainting Champion twice. In 1999 Tim developed the brand Tim Gratton Body and Face paint that was later rebranded TG Body and Face Aqua Colour with Australian company Vynol Derivan.


Tim together with his wife Suzanne have produce events, festivals and body art competitions around Australia – trading as Precinct Sydney / Event Management.

During his travels, Tim has been a judge, educator, advisor and sponsor of the World Bodypainting Festival, Austria. Three documentaries have been produced charting his life achievements…the most recent RAW ART!