Tim Gratton is one of the leaders in the world of body art; he has travelled the globe and delivered commercial solutions for advertising agencies, television programs as well as teaching in a number of countries where together with his wife Suzie they have delivered body art competitions.

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Classical art practice

A number of his art painted on canvas are available for sale.

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Tim enjoys teaching across a number of art medias including painting, drawing and body art. He has also quite a good knowledge of stone sculpture and mosaics.

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Why buy a Tim Gratton art work

As Tim has been painting on canvas as well as humans for over 25 years his experience of the tools combined with artistic talent shows through the breadth of his artistic subjects. Not comfortable to paint in one particular style, Tim paints to suit himself and those who collect his work buy it for its diversity of subject matter.

When you purchase a Tim Gratton you are getting a piece of his creativity at the time it was produced.

You can also commission him to paint a mural in your home, office…give him a wall, a message and he will deliver. If you want body painted models for a product promotion or to just get the audiences attention – then he’s your go to person.

If you want to learn from him then get in touch and if you want to buy his product then send an email and we will direct you to our supplier or we will supply direct.

The Tim Gratton aqua colour product range has been on the world market for 18 years and has been used by body art artists, make up artists and special effects artists around the world. Tim has won awards…see his bio for more details.


Next Steps…

Give Tim a call today and you too can have a Tim Gratton artwork in your home or office…

Painting below:  Road to Dunedoo Рacrylic on linen 1800 x 1600 SOLD